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Eileen's Boobie Brigade

Eileen's Boobie Brigade Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $1,500.00
Total Raised: $6,871.00

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 25
Members Recruited: 68

Join Our Team

This year we lost our biggest everyday supporter to the battle of breast cancer. It's now our turn to support her. We need to continue the fight for her. We need to carry on right where she left off.

Please join us as we continue the fight against breast cancer! Any donation is greatly appreciated. Thank you again!

The Spataro's

Team Members:
Total Raised$6,871.00  
General Team Donation$2,765.00  
Dakota Spataro$60.00  
   kenneth alger$55.00  
   Michelle Bennett$100.00  
   Julianne Blair$125.00  
   George Bouton$25.00  
   Paul Brennan$75.00  
   Larry Buscemi$25.00  
   Michele Buscemi$25.00  
   Nichole Camacho$25.00  
   FRANK Caramanica$50.00  
   Cynthia Carrucciu$25.00  
   Joseph Carrucciu$25.00  
   Kerri Clements$25.00  
   jaime cohen$50.00  
   Kathleen Connolly$75.00  
   Matthew Connolly$25.00  
   Dana Contreras$25.00  
   Laura Cummings$25.00  
   Sharon Danek$190.00  
   Stefanie DeRosa$50.00  
   Dee Devine$50.00  
   Merelin Diaz$25.00  
   Tyler Escue$50.00  
   Birthe Frank$75.00  
   Stacy Gallin$25.00  
   Joann Giambalvo$50.00  
   Joseph Glendenning$25.00  
   caitlyn green$25.00  
   Marianne Kiernan$25.00  
   Kerrin Krohn$25.00  
   Thomas Krohn$25.00  
   Anthony LaRocco$50.00  
   Toniann Larocco$150.00  
   Karen Liebermann$50.00  
   Maureen McDonald$25.00  
   Shannen McDonald$25.00  
   Madeline McGee$50.00  
   Ronald McGee$50.00  
   Michelle Megara$100.00  
   Lauren Miller$25.00  
   Barbara Moebes$150.00  
   Nico Nigohosian$25.00  
   Justyn Ogruk$100.00  
   Kerry Quirk$80.00  
   Toni Robertson$50.00  
   Nicholas Romo$45.00  
   Mackenzie Russell$25.00  
   Christine Sfakis$25.00  
   Sushil Sharma$125.00  
   Colby Shine$25.00  
   Greg Signorile$25.00  
   Janice Singer$50.00  
   Charles Spataro$525.00  
   David Spataro$50.00  
   Raymond Spataro$50.00  
   Robert Spataro$25.00  
   Michael Sposato$50.00  
   Linda Verbeeck$301.00  
   Kevin Walker$50.00  
   Ellen Walsh$50.00  
   Erin Walsh$25.00  
   Gregory Walsh$50.00  
   Kaitlyn Walsh$50.00  
   Mary Ellen & Greg Walsh$0.00  
   Christy Zeo$25.00  
   JohnAnthony Zeo$25.00  
   Andrea Ziomek$50.00  
   Steven Zoly$50.00  

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